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The extended Oceanside family is made up of people who truly care about one another and who will care about you.

Conveniently located on the South Shore of nearby Nassau County, Oceanside has established itself as one of the preeminent Orthodox communities in the New York metropolitan area. At the heart of our community is the Young Israel of Oceanside, a thriving, vibrant kehilah of more than two-hundred families.

Want To Know More About Us? 

Take a close look at our website and at all of the activities and services we offer, including an abundance of minyanim, shiurim, youth programs, yeshivos and nearby local food establishments. Read our Information Packet. Ask us questions. 

Best of all, spend a Shabbos or two with us. We'll show off our shul, our homes and, most importantly, our warmth and hospitality. Click here to arrange a visit!


Sun, July 21 2024 15 Tammuz 5784