Shabbat 28

 The Bracha of da'at

Shabbat Hagadol drasha -  "'Kol Dichfin' in a Year of COVID-19." 

The Rationale for the Prohibition to Eat Blood

Shabbat 27

Kedusha #3: Yimloch Hashem as a Response to Kedusha

Shabbat 26: Lighting Ner Shabbat if You Applied Flammable Cream to Your Skin

Kedusha #2: Trying to Imitate Perfection in the Heavens

Kedusha #1: Kedusha and Malchut

Daf Yomi: Shabbat 25

Shabbat 24 - Al Hanissim in al hamichya

Daf Yomi: Shabbat 24

The Bracha of ata kadosh: How to relate to God as a Kadosh

Why is morid hageshem in the bracha of techiyat hameitim?

Daf Yomi: Shabbat 21

Daf Yomi: Shabbat 20

Bowing During the Shemona Esrei

Shabbat 20 - k'maachal ben d'rosai with bishul akum

Vayikra - When Our Leaders Sin - How Beautiful It is!

Daf Yomi: Shabbat 19

Preparing for Pesach in the Year of Covid-19: Kashering, Cleaning, Tevilat Keilim, Selling Chametz, Burning Chametz, Permissible Food Products without Kosher for Pesach Supervision, and the Elderly and Zoom Sedarim

Shabbat 18 - Warming Up Food in an Oven Shortly Before Shabbat

Kel Elyon and Magen Avraham

Shabbat 18 - The Issur of Shehiya

Why is the First Bracha of Shemona Esrei Called Avot?

Utilizing a Non-Jew to Carry Your Wallet on Shabbat

Shabbat 17 - 18 Gezerot

Shabbat 16 - Kashering glass for Pesach

Why Doesn't the First Bracha of Shemona Esrei Begin with Elokeinu Melech

Shabbat Daf 16

Shabbat 14: Showering after going to the mikvah

Hashem Sfatai Tiftach

Shabbat 14 - Rabbinic decrees about tumah

Shabbos Replaces our Mishkan... and our Shuls

Take 5 for Tefillah:  The Deeper Meaning of Three Steps Forward in the Beginning of Shemona Esrei

Halacha from the Daf:  Shabbat 13:  Placing chicken and cheese on the same table

Parshat Hashavua Shiur:  Shabbos Replaces our Mishkan… and our Shuls

Daf  Yomi Shiur Shabbat 14

Rabbi Muskat Daf Yomi 3/19/20

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