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7 years 7 months ago #216 by YIO Webteam
We find many nevuot about Bavel, Persia, Assyria and the other nations that have
come true or have happened. However passuk 9 chap 9 Melachim 1 seems strange. We
find Hashem telling Shlomo in answer to Shlomo's tefilah that if Bnai Yisroel do not
follow the commandments the Bais Hamigdash will be destroyed. This part does happen
twice. But the passuk then says the other nations will see this destruction and say
that Hashem did this because the nation, Bnai Yisroel, that Hashem took out of
Mizraim abandoned Hashem and turned to false idols and bowed down to them and that
is why Hashem destroyed the Bais Hamigdash. Does this occur ? Do the other Nations
ever say this and recognize the Hand of Hashem here ? Or do they simply feel they
were more powerful and therfore conquered the land and destroyed the Bais Hamigdash.
It seems difficult to explain this as a Nevuah for the future. The passuk seems to
clearly state that this recognition by the nations of Hashem's action will occur at
the time the other nations see the destruction? Your comments and suggestions

Herb Wallenstein

Yio Webteam

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