The Young Israel of Oceanside is proud to house a multi-faceted and thriving youth program. On Shabbos mornings, we have the following “lineup” for parents and children to choose from. 

  • Our “Davening” group is for boys and girls in 2nd – 5th grade.
    • At 10:00 AM this group begins with game-time during which the children play with a variety of available board games.
    • At 10:15 Davening commences with the standard Artscroll youth siddurim with which many of the children are already familiar.
    • After Davening, the children play organized games and answer parsha questions. Throughout the group tickets are distributed as the children daven, answer questions and play games. At departure time, several raffles are drawn and every child receives snack. 
  • For children in Kindergarten and 1st grade We have an “Introductory” group to familiarize them with the basics of Shabbos Davening. As with the “Davening” group listed above, children will have time for games, parsha, raffles & snack. This group begins at 9:45 AM. 
  • Our pre-school group for children that can separate from parents and play appropriately in a group setting. The children spend time in free play, Davening, stories and discussion of Parsha highlights. This group begins at 9:45 AM & snack is served. 
  • For children too young to separate, Our Mommy & Me Room is open on a weekly basis from 9:45 AM until the conclusion of services. The room is stocked with toys and books and snack is available as well.


In addition to Shabbos mornings, the YIO Youth Department aims to enrich the lives of our youngest members in a variety of ways.  We host a learning program on Friday nights in the winter, and at times after shabbos as well. Carnivals, shows, family dinners, barbecues and holiday programming help to round out our yearly calendar. Our program aims to provide something for everyone and we are always looking to inculcate new ideas. We hope you’ll join us soon!