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Our Community

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Conveniently located on the South Shore of nearby Nassau County , Oceanside has established itself as one of the preeminent orthodox communities in the New York metropolitan area.At the heart of our community is the Young Israel of Oceanside, a thriving, vibrant kehilah of two-hundred families.

Why Oceanside ?

All of us who live here chose Oceanside from a variety of communities. We wanted a well-established, vibrant community, with a rich history of accomplishments.

  • A community which is warm, "haimish," unpretentious and down to earth.
  • A community where shul members are not just numbers--where neighbors reach out to each other.
  • A community which is in touch with proper priorities and values--where Torah, chessed and midos are a natural part of every day life.
  • A community which provides a positive environment for our intellectual and spiritual enrichment and for the development of our children.
  • Perhaps what best illustrates the quality of Oceanside is its unparalleled support system. In times of joy, we dance with our friends and neighbors. And in times of crisis, we stand together in support and consolation.


Want To Know More About Us?

Take a close look at our website and at all of the activities and services we offer, including an abundance of minyanim, shiurim, youth programs, yeshivos and local food establishments. Read our Info-Pack. Ask us questions. Best of all, spend a Shabbos or two with us. We'll show off our shul, our homes and, most importantly, our warmth and hospitality.

The extended Oceanside family is made up of
people who truly care about one another
and who will care about you.

 Eruv Committee:

Ben Lipschitz: (516) 536-0154

Eruv Notes:

Please be advised that Oceanside Park is now included in the Oceanside Eruv. However, when turning left onto Mott Street from Oceanside Road, those carrying items and wishing to walk to the park on Shabbat should stay on the RIGHT side of Mott Street and remain on the right side of the street until after the intersection of Mott Street and Wrights Lane. After crossing this intersection, one may carry items and walk on either side of Mott Street which eventually turns into Mahlon Brower Drive all the way to the park.

There is also an issue on Links Drive East.  You should avoid walking on the eastern side of the street (odd numbered homes, i.e. Stamm and Gleitman homes).  You should cross the street to walk on the western side (even numbered homes, i.e.  Teitcher, Berenholz & B. Cohen homes) until you get to Club Court, when you can walk on either side.

The Eruv does extend to the hospital.

Eruv Map:


mikvah banner

For Women
The Oceanside Mikvah was opened in 1984 to provide facility for ritual bathing in accordance with Jewish law. It is a beautifully decorated Mikvah, with three private preparation rooms.

For Men
Open for men before holidays at designated morning hours. Please call

Keilim Mikvah
Open daily from 9am-5pm (located in back of the building)

The concept of Mikvah and Taharas Hamishpacha (family purity) is central to every Jewish family, and has perpetuated the strength of the Jewish family through the centuries. The Oceanside Mikvah has a small lending library of works of Jewish interest, including some specifically relating to the important topic of family purity

To learn more or make an appointment Click here

Growth Initiative

Young couples who have visited the community always commented on how warm and inviting Oceansiders are and how much they enjoyed spending a Shabbos with us.

These young couples who were renting or who purchased homes in very large orthodox communities told us they did so because they thought that only by living in a community that has a 1000 member shul or a shul on every corner could they find happiness. Some have, but many soon became lost in the crowd and began to feel insignificant. They said they would love to enjoy the feeling they experienced in our community, where everyone genuinely wished them a good Shabbos, engaged them in conversation and made them feel welcome.

Having heard these comments, we set out to make countless young home buyers aware that a community does exist where:

  • They are afforded the opportunity to work closely with the Rabbi and lay leadership on community and chesed projects that truly interest them.
  • They are afforded the opportunity to leave a positive and lasting mark on their community without having to wait ten years to do so.
  • Their presence in our midst is appreciated, their efforts encouraged, and they are given every opportunity to become integral, vibrant and active members of this warm, caring and growing community.
  • The incredible achdus of our community promotes and encourages the formation of close and lifelong friendships that span across all age groups and hashkafos.

In short

We would introduce prospective families to Oceanside:

A community of chesed that is accepting, non-judgmental, non-competitive and filled with real Torah values.

Your search is over!