Bikur Cholim / Chessed

Chesed Activities

A cornerstone of our community is our members’ participation in our active chesed programs. We are proud to provide services both within our membership and to the Oceanside community, and are always looking for new volunteers and fresh ideas, as our chesed performance defines us as a kehilah.

Please reach out to those listed if you’d like to help, would like to learn more, or know of someone who can benefit.

Our programs include:

Bikur Cholim (Mount Sinai South Nassau Hospital)

Young Israel of Oceanside Bikur Cholim was established more than 30 years ago to benefit all Jewish patients at Mount Sinai South Nassau Hospital. Services include: visits to Jewish patients, arranging Shabboss accommodations at the Bikur Cholim house for patients’ families (or local hachnasos orchim, if needed), challah and grape juice delivery erev Shabbossshofar blowing, lulav and etrog, Megillah reading and mishloach manot, wine and matzah delivery on Pesach. In addition; Shabboss meals, tefillin, electric candles, etc., as well as general community and hospital information are available upon request.

Bea Mauskopf, 455-4968

Sondra Gottesman, 429-9650

Home Visit Program

Our Young Israel Home Visit Program provides support and caring connection for our YI friends and neighbors who are homebound (those with chronic conditions or temporary illnesses or injuries), caregivers to loved ones, or anyone who could use support and company from caring, friendly individuals from the Young Israel community. Our home and phone visits truly make a difference, demonstrating a spirit of compassion and interconnectedness and reminding us all that we are one family.

Joan Sapir, 678-4520
Gary Cohen, 764-4292 


We have a pool of caring volunteers ready to help those in need of a ride to and from a doctor’s appointment, a shul function or minyan.

Miriam Herman, (347) 739-9800

Medical/Hospital Bill Clarification/Assistance

Assistance in understanding a medical bill or help if you feel that a bill is not correct.

Howard Lindenauer, 766-7652
Outside of Oceanside, please contact Achiezer

Chesed Meals

Our great cooks provide homemade meals for members of our extended Young Israel family who may temporarily find themselves in need; including women who have just given birth, those recuperating from surgery or anyone needing a helping hand.

Susie Levy, 536-2545

Dina Zhukovskiy, (347) 731-6812

Tomchei Shabbos

Tomchei Shabbos ensures all area neighbors, no matter how needy, have fresh and wholesome food with which to look forward to and enjoy every Shabbos. It currently supports approximately 285 families, across Oceanside and other local area communities, on a weekly basis, with many more receiving assistance before Pesach. All the packaging is done by volunteers and volunteers discreetly deliver packages to the anonymous recipients. 

Dov Cohen, 766-0086

Stan Insler Chesed Connection

A quarterly email with links/info to free community services, events, shiurim; kashrus alerts; safety and other helpful tips; chesed opportunities, etc. Includes Shmiras HaLoshon lesson.

Sheryl-Sue Newman, 695-5121

Chavi Langer, 728-4037

Technological Assistance

Help posting on any of the community digital boards and networks, to reach out to the community. Examples: Doctor/contractor recommendations, items needed or giving away, rides out of town, etc.

Sheryl-Sue Newman, 695-5121

Chavi Langer, 728-4037